“A suitable solution for ground and tunnel projects”

Due to the controlled injection procedure and different iron platings, Regbar Rockbolt Rock Bolts is a reliable soil control system for underground applications. Performance of Regbar Rockbolthas been proven in various underground construction projects. The system has become a standard in today’s most advanced soil control procedures.

• Continuously high tensile, hot rolled threaded rods.

• Flexibility Module: 205 GPa (205 kN / mm²).

• Can be used with left or right screw threads.

• If desired, epoxy coating is available for corrosion protection.

• Continuous gear provides an environment that enhances the lock-in with the surrounding.

• Rough thread and hard rod surface are robust and even sensitive to small damages.

• Fully threaded steel anchors are possible with adjustment of length.

• Re-connection at any point is possible with couplers.

• High performance values allow tendons It systematically ensures permanent strengthening of underground excavations. Special applications are available for permanent anchorages.


“Easy, fast installation, no torque required”

Regbar Rockbolt is a unique combination rock bolt system. It offers the combined advantages of anchoring and then a fully filled rock bolt at the same time. Two-stage installation procedure enables quick installation and in-site anchoring, separate and independent injection, flexibility with respect to operating cycles.